Track Activity Completion in a CLE Course

Activity Completion Tracking enables the tracking of progress for activities and resources in a course, accessible to both faculty and students. Once enabled, a checkbox will be displayed next to each activity or resource on the course home page. As students fulfill the specified criteria set by the instructor for completing an activity or resource, the corresponding checkbox will be automatically checked, visually indicating its completion status. The criteria can vary from simply viewing a resource, achieving a specific score, or requiring manual marking by the student to indicate completion.

Why use Activity completion?

  • If this feature is enabled, it is a helpful way for students to be able to track their progress in a course. The student has an easy-to-see checklist of what they have done so far.
  • It can also be linked to Course completion to allow both students and teachers to monitor progress toward completing a course. As each activity is checked off as “complete”, the student moves further completing the course.
  • It can also be linked to Restricting access, which allows instructors to set criteria upon which a student is allowed to progress through a course and access materials.
Enable Completion Tracking Using Completion Tracking Reports

Activity Completion Key:

An image of the activity completion key with all the signs.png

Activity Completion is only available if you enable completion tracking in the course settings. Once enabled, you can apply it to each activity or resource and specify the completion requirement.

After turning on Completion Tracking for a course, any new resource or activities you add to the course will default to have completion tracking turned on. It is good practice to check the completion tracking settings for each new item as you add it to the course.

To enable completion tracking in your CLE course:

  1. Log onto CLE, and locate your course site where you would like to add activity completion.
  2. At the top-right of the CLE, turn Edit mode on.
  3. On the settings page, scroll down to the Completion tracking section and click the title to expand and reveal its options.
  4. To turn completion tracking on, select ‘Yes‘ from the Enable completion tracking drop-down menu.
  5. Click Save changes.
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