Set up User Overrides or Group Overrides for a Quiz

User Overrides and Group Overrides allow individuals or groups to access a quiz at different times or for different amounts of time. Overrides are used to provide accommodation for extra-time or extra quiz attempts. It can also meet the purpose to open and close a quiz at different times for users.

How to set up user overrides or group overrides for a quiz 

  1. On your course page, click the link to the quiz you want to configure. The Quiz summary page will open.
  2. On the Quiz summary page, select the Gear Icon Screenshot of Actions menu A drop-down list will open.
    • To change a quiz setting for a particular user or users, select User Overrides.
    • To change a quiz setting for a particular group, select Group Overrides.


  1. The Override summary page will open.
  2. Click Add user override or Add group override. The Edit override page will open.
  3. From the Override user or Override group drop-down list, select the user or the particular group for which you want to configure special access.
  4. Modify the settings you want to override. The parameters you can adjust are:
    • Require password: Specify a unique password that the student(s) must enter before attempting the quiz.
    • Open the quiz, Close the quiz: Specify separate open and close dates that apply only to the student(s).
    • Time limit: Adjust the duration that student(s) have for taking the quiz, or you can disable this entirely if you want to give them an unlimited amount of time to finish the quiz.
    • Attempts allowed: Specify how many attempts the student(s) are allowed. Note: if you are giving students extra time on a quiz after it was submitted, this should be set to 2.
    • Revert to quiz defaults: Revert the settings back to what they are for all students.


  1. Click Save when you are finished, or to repeat this for more Users or Groups, click Save and enter another override.

View overrides and pass grades

User overrides screen creates extensions for individual students. The group overrides screen is similar except instead of picking out individual students, you will pick out a group of students already created in your course.

On the quiz main page, the number of quiz overrides will be displayed. This allows you to check how many extensions they have already received.

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