Creating Instructional Video: Production Process

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When media is produced, it happens in three phases: pre-production, production, and post-production. 

Production Process Graphic

Pre-production is the visioning, planning, and script-writing phase. The more time spent in this phase, the more smoothly than next two steps go. In pre-production you would ensure that the media you are planning aligns with your course or learning objectives.

The production phase is when you or a producer create and capture your media whether you are using your computer in your office, or booked a session with a producer in a studio. In this phase it's best to be prepared and focus on your performance as studies have shown that students connect more when engaged by the performer.

The last phase is post-production. This is traditionally when an editor processes your audio or video recordings and integrates them with text, graphics and music, and shapes them into the final product. In academic settings the editor may be the educator or a teaching assistant. Because of this, you may want to consider the complexity of what needs to happen in this phase prior to recording.  

Your media production timeline can run along side your course development timeline, but if possible, it's best to produce your media content before you review and share the completed course with students. This last phase of creating an online course is often called 'quality assurance' or 'quality control' under a bigger umbrella of evaluation.

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