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Otter AI logoOtter is a cloud-based, live transcription and captioning service that integrates with Zoom. For additional context please review the overview help article. Otter licenses are available to faculty from campus academic programs. This article provides detailed instructions for faculty who would like to request a license, set up their account with Zoom integration, and test the live transcription service.

Step 1: Contact the designated license manager in your academic program to request a license.

Step 2: When you receive an email inviting you to join Otter, follow the steps provided in the Setup tab of this help article.

Step 3: Verify that Otter is working.

Step 4: Learn about Transcription with Zoom.

Step 5: Use Otter with your students!

Throughout this process, we're here to help. Please contact the Library's Learning Tech Group by email or book a consultation if you have any questions.

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