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The Media@UCSF plug-in for the CLE provides a number of options for sharing video content with course participants. This includes adding videos as a Media Resource to your course home page, or embedding videos inside labels, pages and even quiz questions. However, these sharing methods only provide viewers with access to one video at a time. What if you have a collection of videos that you want to share as a group? The playlist feature can help!


Videos that are collected into a playlist will appear in a single video player (see above), allowing viewers to navigate freely between them. Playlists are created and managed within the course Media Gallery, which is like a private YouTube channel for each CLE course. After the playlist is created, it can be embedded into the course page just like a single video. More details are provided below:

Create a Playlist

Begin by accessing the course Media Gallery. Course editors (and students, if allowed), can add videos to the course Media Gallery from their My Media repositories, but this is not a prerequisite for creating playlists. You can add videos and create playlists all-at-once.

  1. Log in to the CLE and open a course (you must have an editing role in the course).
  2. From the left-hand navigation menu, select Media Gallery.
  3. Click the edit menu and select Create channel playlist.
  4. Add a title for the playlist, then click the Create button.
  5. From the drop-down menu provided, select where the videos will be added from, either the Media Gallery or your My Media repository. You can also use the keyword field to filter results.
  6. Click the '+' sign to select and add videos to the playlist
  7. When done, click the Go to Media Gallery button.
  8. Add a description for the playlist, set commenting and moderation settings as desired, then click the Save button.

Your playlist will now appear on the 'Home' tab of the course Media Gallery and is available to all course participants. You can also embed the playlist into the course page, see below.

Embed a Playlist

After the playlist has been created, you can direct students to the Media Gallery or add the playlist to the course page. This process of adding a playlist to the course page is similar to the process of adding single videos.

  1. Log in to the CLE and open a course (you must have an editing role in the course).
  2. Click the Turn editing on button.
  3. Navigate to the topic section of your course where you want the playlist to appear, and click the Add an activity or resource link.
  4. From the Activity Chooser, select Media Resource.
  5. Type a title for the resource, then click the Add media button.
  6. From the pop-up window, click the Media Gallery Playlists tab to reveal your new playlist.
  7. Click the settings icon next to playlist to adjust how the playlist is embedded, or click the Embed button.
  8. Click the Save and return to course button to complete the process.

Your playlist will now appear as an icon on your course home page.

Videos and playlists can also be embedded directly onto the course page, or within other resources like labels, pages and more. For additional information on sharing videos and the 'Embed button' option, please review: Media@UCSF: Uploading and Sharing.

Modify a Playlist

To edit or delete playlists, return to the Media Gallery and apply your changes. Any updates made here will affect all instances of the playlist if it has been embedded on the course page, and there is no 'undo' button if you accidentally delete a playlist.

  1. Log in to the CLE and open a course (you must have an editing role in the course).
  2. From the left-hand navigation menu, select Media Gallery.
  3. Click the edit menu and select Edit.
  4. Click the Playlists tab.
  5. You will see a list of previously created playlists. Click the edit or delete icons provided to modify your playlist.

You can also capture embed code for the playlist on the edit page, or create new playlists.

Rolling-Over Playlists

If you teach the same course over multiple terms, you may be familiar with the CLE course 'rollover' process. Support staff create a new, empty course shell and then import content from the previous term's course. Media Gallery content does not rollover along with other course content during this process. There are a few extra steps involved, but the process is very quick and easy:

    1. Log in to the CLE and open your new CLE course.
    2. From the left-hand navigation menu, select Media Gallery.
    3. Click the edit menu and select Import.
    4. You will a list of courses in which you have an editing role, and that have Media Gallery content. Click to select one, and then click the Import button.

Media Gallery content, including playlists, will now appear in the new course. Please note, this process does not change the owner or location of the original videos, which still exist in the original owner's My Media repository.


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