Creating Instructional Video: Engaging Performance

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man taking a video with iphone This article will go over techniques to make your videos more engaging. Collaborative studies have shown that students can be very forgiving when it comes to technical video quality if the instructor is genuine, passionate, and well-spoken. Additionally, years of analytics show that videos can only capture students' interest for so long; it's best to keep your one-speaker video content bite-sized and under ten minutes.

To help you re-shape your video content, we will provide general information on script writing, techniques and reasons to make a welcome video, guides to preparing your on-camera guests, and tips for performing in front of a camera and with microphones.

Interviews and conversations can be more engaging than a one-speaker video, as students can hear different perspectives, scholarly arguments, and potentially divergent opinions. Whether the conversation is recorded with video or is just audio, this type of content can and should be longer so that the participants have time to build rapport and get their points across. Additionally, interviews require less preparation and are usually performed without a script.

The script-writing and guest preparation should happen in the pre-production phase of your media development, and the performance tips are for when you are in production. Click here to further understand the different phases of media production.

Click here for Optimizing Video for Learning as written by Elizabeth Choe from MIT.

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