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The CLE's Gradebook efficiently compiles scores from assignments, quizzes, and manually graded items within your course. It empowers course editors to determine students' gradebook visibility preferences while enabling students to access their personalized user reports containing grades and feedback. These reports are designed to safeguard the privacy of other students. The Gradebook provides a range of customization choices and can adapt to both straightforward and intricate grading systems.

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Based on the grading schemes in the course syllabus,  follow the steps below to set up the gradebook in your CLE  course:

Add Grade ItemsWhen you add activities (e.g., Assignments or Quizzes) to a CLE course, corresponding grade items (columns) are added to the course gradebook. You may also need to add manual grade items to fill in certain gaps, for those items that don’t have an online component, e.g., participation, presentation, or assignments that are handed indirectly/physically (i.e., not submitted through CLE itself).

Use Grade CategoryIf you want to organize grade items, create subtotals, drop the lowest grade from a category, or adjust the weight of a grade category, you will need to create grade categories, and then move grade items to the designated category. This allows you to control the organization and function of all the grade items.

Adjust the Category WeightThe gradebook aggregates the category subtotals and course total based on the natural value of the grade items and the natural value weights of the grade categories. However, you can use weighted categories to adjust the impact that each category has on the overall grade.

Configure Aggregation MethodThe gradebook will automatically calculate the score for the entire course based on the aggregation method chosen.

Setup Course Grade SettingsThe Course grade settings determine how the gradebook appears for all participants in the course.

Setup the Preference: Grader ReportFinally, you can set up the Preference: Grader report to determine how the grader report appears to you on the gradebook home page. The settings will apply to all your courses in the CLE.

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