Overview: CLE Activities and Resources

Course editors (managers, instructors, etc.) can add Activities and Resources to a CLE course. Activities and Resources are a fundamental part of any CLE course; there are nearly 40 Activities and Resources to choose from when creating a new CLE course or updating an existing one.

Add an Activity or Resource

  1. Navigate to the course you are editing.
  2. While in the CLE course, there is a switch labeled Edit mode on the top right-hand side, click the button to turn Edit mode on.
  3. Go to the proper section and click Add an activity or resource.
  4. A page will open up with three tabs: All, Activities, and Resources. Create a "favorites" tab, Starred, by clicking the star below any activity or resource. It is recommended to star any activities or resources that are often used. 
  5. Select the activity or resource you are adding - this will open another page where you can configure the activity or resource as needed.
  6. Click Save and display or Save and return to course to finish.
Learn more about the most commonly used activities and resources in the CLE by clicking the links below. For information about activities or resources not listed here, visit Activities - MoodleDocs or Resources - MoodleDocs.
Activities Resources Access to Hidden

Activities in the CLE are items that students can contribute to directly or that require interaction either among students or between students and the instructor.

Assignment Add an assignment activity to collect work from students, review it, grade it, and provide feedback. Submitted assignments are only visible to instructors, not to other students.

Checklist Use the checklist to organize course tasks into interactive checklists, allowing students to track and mark their progress. This streamlined approach promotes a more organized and engaging learning environment.

Custom certificate Create a custom certificate to award students for completing specific modules or courses. 

Database Add a Database activity that can be used creatively for project-based scenarios. Students can input data, images, or information related to the project theme.

Forum Create a space for participants to have asynchronous discussions. 

H5P Create HP activities directly in the CLE and add them to any course. H5P is a tool that allows anyone to create richer, interactive online content and improve online learning experiences. 

Lesson Convert course content into a linear or branching lesson to encourage more learner engagement. Lessons can contain text, images, video, or any other media. 

Media Assignment Similar to the Assignment activity, the Media Assignment can be used to add an assignment activity to collect work from students, review it, grade it, and provide feedback. Only media files are accepted as submissions. 

OU Blog Add blogs to your CLE course using the Open University (OU) blog activity module. OU blogs can be individual blogs, group blogs, or course-wide blogs, where everyone in the class posts to the same blog.

Survey, Feedback, Questionnaire, or Choice Any of these activities can be used to gather data directly from students. Choose from pre-determined survey questions or create your own, depending on what information you are trying to collect. 

Quiz The Quiz tool in the CLE is a powerful feature that allows instructors to design and administer quizzes, which may be automatically or manually graded. 

Workshop Add a Workshop activity that facilitates peer assessment and feedback. It's useful for project-based scenarios where students can review and critique each other's work.

Zoom Meeting Add one-time or recurring Zoom meetings directly to your CLE course. 

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