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The Lesson activity in the CLE allows instructors to transform course content into an interactive experience for students. The lesson activity "branches" from one page to another, depending on how students interact with the content. Lesson pages can consist of text, various types of media, or quiz-type questions that students must respond to continue with the activity.

A lesson page generally requires students to make some sort of choice once they have read the content or answered the questions. The students' choice determines which page they are shown next in the sequence. Lessons can be simple and linear, or they can be more complex and have various configurations available.

Use a lesson to: 

  • Present content in a variety of ways to suit student preferences. For example, you allow students to choose if they would like to watch a lecture video or read the transcript instead.
  • Create a scenario or simulation that allows the student to practice decision-making skills or apply principles to solve a problem.
  • Use the branching capabilities to provide remediation when a student answers a question incorrectly.

Instructors should carefully plan any lesson(s) before adding it to the CLE as a lesson activity.

Recommended Lesson Workflow

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Plan and Add a Lesson Configure Settings Add Content

Plan Lesson Content

  • Gather any text or media resources that will be incorporated into the lesson, including any supplemental information.
  • Develop the lesson content and write any text or questions (multiple choice, matching, true/false, etc) and relevant feedback
  • Design how the lesson should flow - where will certain sections branch to another?
  • Determine how the lesson will be scored, if at all. *

*Note: Lessons may be set up as graded or non-graded activities. This article will not cover grading lesson activities. For information about grading lessons, please review Moodle Docs.

Example lesson content:

Page Title Page Type Information and/or Question Answer Choices Feedback Jump To
Lesson Overview Content

In this lesson, you will:

Recognize the most common symptoms of COVID-19

Identify the most effective ways to slow the spread of COVID-19

Let's start with recognizing the most common symptoms of COVID-19:

    COVID-19 Symptoms: Next Page

Click here to download the entire lesson plan as a Microsoft Word Document.

Add a Lesson

  1. Open the CLE (, and go to the course where you would like to add the lesson activity.
  2. In the CLE course, Turn Edit mode on and then navigate to the course section where you would like the lesson to be added.
  3.  Click Add an activity or resource in the Section/Topic where you want the lesson to be.
  4. In the activity chooser, click Lesson from the list of activity tab. The Adding a new lesson page will open.

  5. Configure lesson settings (view next tab).
  6. Click Save and display or Save and return to course.
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