Create a Randomized Quiz

It is possible to create a quiz that draws random questions from a pre-populated question bank so that students are unlikely to get the same questions. The question bank should be robust and contain more questions than are on the assessment - for example, if you want to create a randomized 10-question quiz, the question bank should have more than 10 questions to choose from. The more questions are in the question bank the more likely it will be that students get different questions on their attempts.

To create a randomized quiz:

  1. Start by adding a quiz to the CLE.
  2. Click on the Questions tab in the Quiz navigation bar.
  3. From the Add drop-down menu, click on +a random question add_a_random_question.png
  4. Select the category where the randomized questions will be drawn from and choose the number of questions to add to the quiz. Click Add random question to save.


  5. You will see the quiz populate with random questions.

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