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One of the major benefits of using the quiz activity in the CLE for assessments is that most question types can be automatically graded. This article covers how to grade questions that are not automatically graded, such as essay questions, and must be manually graded.

You can also override grades in the gradebook at any time: review the 2nd tab for instructions.

Note: Only instructors and grading assistants can grade quizzes in the CLE. 
Manual Grading Override a Grade
  1. Log in to the CLE ( and go to the CLE course that contains the quiz activity with questions that need to be manually graded. 
  2. Open the quiz and click the Result tab in the Quiz navigation bar.
  3. Choose Manual grading from the drop-down menu to access only Manually Graded Quiz Questions.

  • The screen will display how many responses must be manually graded. In the example below, there is one. Click on the grade link to view the response in order to grade it.


  • On the grading screen, you will see the following:

        • A: The text of the essay question.
        • B: The student’s response is shaded in white.
        • C: A field to enter comments for the students.
        • D: A field to enter the number of points a student earned for the question in the Point box. The maximum number of points a student can earn on a single question is displayed to the right of the Point box.



  • Proceed to grade each response on the page in this manner. When you are done, click the Save and go to the next page button to save your work and report the grade to the gradebook.

  • From the gear icon, click Results, and Grades to confirm that students received a grade for the question. 

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