Set up the Preference: Grader Report in the Gradebook

The Preference: Grader report determines how the grader report appears on the gradebook home page to you. The preferences only affect your view of the gradebook and will not change how the grader report appears to students or other course editors. Also, note that preferences apply to all of your course gradebooks across the CLE.

The Preference: Grader report can be accessed through Grades>Setup>Preferences: Grader report

grader report

Show/hide toggles

  • Show calculations: Shows a calculator icon when editing is turned on to indicate that an item was calculated. (Default-No)
  • Show show/hide icons: If enabled, when editing is turned on, a show/hide icon (looks like an eyeball) is shown for each grade to control its visibility to the student. (Default Yes)
  • Show column averages: Adds a row that shows the Average for each grade. (Default Yes)
  • Show locks: One handy feature of the gradebook is the ability to lock a grade item, preventing it from being updated manually or automatically by the related activity it’s contained within. (Default No)
  • Show user profile images: The users' images can be displayed or not. (Default Yes)
  • Show activity icons: show the activity icon next to the activity. (Default Yes)
    Show ranges: Adds a row for displaying categories and grade items. (Default No)
    Show grade analysis icon – Links to information on how the grade was obtained. (Default Yes)

Special rows

  • Range display type: Sets the Range as real, percentage, or letter grades. (Default Inherit)
  • Decimals shown in ranges: Sets the decimal place for the ranges. (Default Inherit)
  • Column averages display type: Displays real percentages or letters for grades and categories. (Default Inherit)
  • Decimals in column averages: Sets the decimal place for averages. (Default Inherit)
  • Grades selected for column averages: Excludes or includes cells with no grades in the averages. (Default Non-empty grades)
  • Show the number of grades in averages: Includes the number of grades that were used in brackets next to the average. (Default No)


  • Quick grading: Enables the teacher to edit multiple grades at one time on the activity page. When a grade is edited in the grader report, an overridden flag is set, meaning that the grade can no longer be edited within the activity. (Default Yes)
  • Show quick feedback: Adds a feedback box to the grader report, allowing a course editor to quickly add a short comment for the student about a specific grade item. (Default No)
  • Students per page: Sets the number of students displayed per page.
  • Aggregation position: Tired of all the vertical scrolling? Lessen the number of students per page on the grader report. 15 is a good number to try.
  • Enable AJAX: Enables or disables AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) in the Grader report. (Default No)
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