Record Grades in the CLE

Grades can be entered in multiple locations in the CLE. The best place to enter grades depends on what item is being graded. This article introduces two typical ways of recording grades (grades from the activity interface and grades from the grader report) as well as the respective advantages. This article will also walk you through grading a manual grade item in a CLE course.

Grade from the activity interface

The easiest and least error-prone way to grade items created and submitted through the CLE is through that particular item’s grading interface. For example, if you have an assignment, you can click on that particular assignment in your course and click Grade to record grades through that interface. Grades will be automatically reflected in the gradebook.

Assignment Grade

Entering grades from the assignment has the advantage that it will send a notification to the student when the grade is submitted. This will not happen when the grade is edited from the grader report in the gradebook.

Grade from the grader report 

Overrides are triggered when you enter or edit grades directly in the Grader report of the gradebook. Once saved, these items become highlighted in orange, indicating that the grade is overridden. The override prevents further updates to the grade from outside the gradebook. Thus, we recommend grading within the CLE activities when possible rather than directly in the gradebook.

As the semester goes by and the CLE course keeps developing, you may find it inefficient to locate a particular grade item from within the CLE course. The Grader Report in the gradebook allows you to quickly navigate to the particular grade item and grade it from its interface. Follow these steps to do so:

  1. In your CLE course, click Grades in the Secondary navigation bar. The grader report will be open.
  2. Scroll right to locate the grade item and Click it. This will navigate you to the item's interface, which allows you to grade within the activity. 

    screenshot of grader report

  3. You can then enter grades, feedback, etc. on the page, making sure to click Save when finished.

Grade a manual grade item 

If you have created any manual grade items, the easiest way to grade them is through the Single view interface:

  1. From the main page of your course, click Grades in the Secondary navigation bar. 
  2. Click the Single view tab to go into the single view editor page. 

    screenshot of single view

  3. From the single view, you can select either a particular assignment or a specific student.

    Screenshot of edit mode

  4. Toggle the Edit mode switch in the upper right corner to start editing.
  5. You can then enter grades, feedback, etc. on the single view of the manual grade item page.


    Screenshot of single view of the manual grade item page

  6. Click Save when finished. 


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