Display Letter Grades in the CLE

The CLE gradebook supports only the input of numerical grades into the Gradebook. However, it is possible to have the gradebook display numerical values as letter grades to represent a range of grades. For example, "A" could be used to represent grades of 92% and above, "A-" to represent grades between 89 and 92%, and so on.

letter grades

To display letter grades in the grader report and user report at a course level, we have to set the letter grades as the Grade Display Type in a CLE course. You can also override the default grade boundaries (e.g., 93%-100% = A) and adjust them to serve your grading purpose.

Set up Letter Grades Display Adjust Letter Grade Boundaries
Please follow the instructions below to display letter grades:


  1. On the Gradebook Setup (Grades>Setup>Gradebook setup) page, click Course Grade Settings.

    screenshot of gradebook set up

  2. Under the Grade Item Settings category, click Grade display type dropdown menu.
  3. Choose a Letter for the Grade Display Type.

    grade item settings

    Note: If you would like to display two grade types, select Letter (percentage). For example, this would display an 85/100 grade as B (85%).
  4. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.


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