Add a Text and Media Area to a CLE Course

A text and media area serves as a spacer on a CLE course page. It can be used to add text, images, multimedia, or code in between other resources in the different sections. It is a very versatile resource and can help to improve the appearance of a course if used thoughtfully.

Text and media areas may be used

  • To split up a long list of activities with a subheading or an image
  • To display an embedded sound file or video directly on the course page
  • To add a short description to a course section

Add a Text and media area to your CLE course:

  1. Go to the CLE course page, on the top right corner turn Edit mode on.
  2. In the section where you would like the label to be added, click Add an activity or resource. A label may contain text, images, videos, or any combination of the three. We will add an image and text to a CLE course page for this example.
  3. select the Text and media area resource type in the window that appears.       

            text and media area button.png
  4. Enter and format the text and image in the Text box. 

    Screenshot 2023-07-21 at 1.02.36 PM.png

  5. Click the Save and return to course button. 
    • The text and media resource will now be displayed in the CLE course. Drag and drop (with editing turned on) to move the Label to a different section in the course. With editing turned on in the course, click Edit to Edit, Move right (indent), Hide, Duplicate, Assign Roles (restrict access), or Delete the Label.

      Screenshot 2023-07-21 at 1.10.43 PM.png


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