Add Grade Items to the CLE Gradebook

In the gradebook, a grade item refers to an element, usually an activity, that receives a grade or mark for students. These grade items in the Collaborative Learning Environment (CLE) can be either manually added items or items associated with an activity within the CLE. To understand the contrast between these two types of items, please refer to the table below:

An image of a table showing the difference between manual grading versus activity based garding.png

Add manual grade items
Add activity-based grade items

Adding manual grade items to the gradebook allows you to grade those items without adding corresponding activities to the course page, e.g., participation, presentation, or assignments that are handed indirectly/physically (i.e., not submitted through CLE itself).

To add manual grade items:

  1. On the Gradebook Setup (Grades>Setup>Gradebook setup) page, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Add grade item. The new grade item page will open. 

    A screenshot of a UCSF CLE gradebook setup page showing how to add a Gradebook item.png

  2. In the Item name field, enter a name for the column. Use short, alphanumeric names; Please do not use special characters, commas, ampersands, or quotes.
  3. In the Grade type field, select a type for the grade item.

    A screenshot of a UCSF CLE gradebook setup page showing how to select a a type for the grade item.png

    • Value: A numerical value with a maximum and minimum
    • Text: Written feedback only; no numerical or aggregated value.
    • Letter: A letter value as defined by the instructor. 
  4. In the Maximum grade field, set the maximum point value for the grade item.
  5. Click Save changes to finish.
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