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The Forum activity serves as a digital platform where students and faculty can interact by sharing their thoughts through comments. Utilizing a forum can play a crucial role in fostering effective communication and building a sense of community in an online setting. In addition to text, forum posts offer the flexibility to incorporate images, videos, and audio, enhancing the potential for collaborative engagement with fellow students.

How to post to a forum:

    1. Log in to the CLE ( and navigate to a course
    2. Click the forum link in a CLE course
    3. Click on the Add a new discussion topic button to add a new thread inside of the forum or click the Discussion title link and click the Reply link to reply to a previous post

      A Gif on how to post a new topic to a discussion forum from the student's perspective.gif

    4. Compose the forum post
      • Type in a subject and content of the message – these are both required and it makes sense to keep the subject brief (like in an email) and to word it so that other people know what your discussion topic is about
      • Choose to receive or not receive notifications for new posts to the forum, unless the subscription mode has been forced by the faculty and everyone will receive notifications for new posts. If you have questions about forum subscriptions, contact the course faculty to inquire about forum subscription settings
      • Add a file as an attachment to the post if you choose or required. You can also add photos or videos to a forum post by selecting the image picker
        image image.png then selecting the photo or video from your computer files.
    5. You will now see a message giving you 30 minutes in which you can edit or delete your posting. After that time, the post will appear automatically in the form and is emailed to everybody who subscribed to the forum.
You can bypass the 30-minute email window by checking the box Send forum post notifications with no editing-time delay

How do I reply to, star, or unsubscribe to posts from the forum discussion page?

  • Navigate to a discussion forum post
  • Click on the name of the student you intend to reply to

A screenshot of the forum discussion page from a student's perspective.png

  1. Click Reply (1 in image) underneath the post.
  2. Write your reply (2) in the text box
  3. Click submit (3)

    A step by step screenshot of a discussion forum showing one student replying to another student's discussion.png
  4. Under the reply options, click Advanced (4) or 'Use advanced editor and additional options' if you want to format your text, add an image, or add an attachment. 
  5. Click the Permalink (5) under a post, which generates a permanent link to that post. This can be useful if you want to share or reference another post in your own post.
  6.  In the Settings drop-down menu (6) next to a discussion forum, you can choose to Star this discussion or Unsubscribe from this discussion.
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