Overview: Managing CLE Courses

Importing Content & Applying Format & Customizations

Before you get started with formatting your new CLE course, consider whether will be importing any course content from another CLE course.  

Import Course Content from Another CLE Course 

Once any course content from previous courses has been import, you can apply a format to structure your new course. 

Apply a CLE Course Format

Customize your CLE course by adding new sections and by adding text blocks 

Add, Edit, and Hide CLE Course Sections 

Add a Text (HTML) Block to a CLE Course 

Activities and Resources

Each course consists of various activities or resources that can be added to your course. You can choose to restrict access to these activities or resources as needed. 

Restrict Access to Activities or Resources 

Managing Course Content

Beyond creating activities and resources, you can also download your course content, track activity completion, and restore deleted content.

Download Course Content 

Track Activity Completion in a CLE Course 

Restore CLE Course Content from the Recycle Bin 

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