How to Setup Extra Credit in Your CLE Course

With the right gradebook setup, an instructor can add a grade item that includes bonus points to modify the course total for students. Some examples include enabling extra credit assignments.

In this article, "extra credit" and "grade adjustment" will be used interchangeably. We will walk you through the steps of adding a grade adjustment item to a CLE gradebook.

Adding a Grade Adjustment Item to the CLE

To establish a gradebook with a grade adjustment component, you will need to complete the following steps:

    1. In the Secondary navigation bar, select the Grades tab.
    2. In the drop-down text box at the top left of the page, select Gradebook setup.
    3.  Create a category within the gradebook to house all grade items before applying any adjustment points.

      A screenshot on how to add a category in the gradebook.png
    4. Transfer grade items into this designated pre-adjustment category.
    5. Set the course category aggregation to Natural.
    6. Generate a manual grade item and activate the Extra credit feature.

All of these tasks can be accomplished within the Gradebook setup page. When executed correctly, a manual grade item will be available, enabling the addition or subtraction of points from a student's overall course grade.

Creating a Pre-Adjustment Grade Category

The pre-adjustment grade category encompasses the entire gradebook in its current state and computes the course total in accordance with the syllabus before any deductions or extra credits are factored in. When crafting this category:

  • Ensure that the category name is descriptive, such as "Grades Before Extra Credit," to convey its purpose to students clearly.
  • Choose an appropriate category aggregation type that aligns with how the course should be aggregated.

To create this gradebook category, refer to the instructions provided in the Adding a CLE Gradebook Category article.

Moving Items into the Pre-Adjustment Category

To make necessary adjustments to the gradebook while preserving the course's structure, all existing grades must be relocated to a newly created category called pre-adjustment. This includes any weighted categories that were originally set up to organize grade items such as exams and homework. It's important to note that the weights and composition of these categories should remain unchanged during this process.

To transfer grade items into the newly established pre-adjustment category, please refer to the Rearranging Grade Items in the CLE Gradebook article for step-by-step instructions.

Additionally, to enable the inclusion of an "Extra credit" item in the gradebook for bonus points, you can adjust the course aggregation type to "Natural" by following these steps:

    1. In the Secondary navigation bar, select the Grades tab.
    2. In the drop-down text box at the top left of the page, select Gradebook setup.

      A screenshot of the gradebook setup page.png
    3. Locate the row corresponding to the course name.
    4. In the Actions column for that row, select Edit.

      A screenshot showing the Actions column on the Gradebook Setup page..png
    5. From the drop-down menu, choose Edit settings.
    6. In the Edit category page, set the Aggregation to Natural.
    7. Scroll to the bottom and click the Save changes button.

By setting the course aggregation to Natural, you allow for the addition of an Extra credit item without affecting the overall course total. The course totals will continue to be calculated as if no changes had been made previously.

Creating the Adjustment Item

At this point, the gradebook has been constructed and modified to accommodate a grade adjustment element. This specific item is a manual grade entry located outside the pre-adjustment category and positioned at the top level of the gradebook.

To incorporate an additional credit grade entry, please follow these steps:

    1. Navigate to the Gradebook setup page.
    2. Click on the Add grade item button.

      A screenshot on how to  add a grade item in the gradebook.png
    3. Provide a descriptive name for the grade item, such as Extra Credit.

      A screenshot on how to add an extra credit item in the gradebook.png
    4. Set the minimum grade to 0 and the maximum to the highest number of bonus points students can earn.
    5. Click the Save changes button at the page's bottom.
    6. In the Gradebook setup page, locate the newly created grade item's row.
    7. In the Actions column for that row, select Edit.
    8. From the drop-down menu, choose Edit settings.
    9. In the Parent category section on the Edit grade item page, locate and check the box next to Extra credit.
    10. Scroll down to the bottom and click the Save changes button.

Your extra credit grade item has now been successfully added, positioned outside of the pre-adjustment category, and is ready to receive scores.

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