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The most commonly used video format for online sharing is MP4. It offers a good balance of compression vs quality. This format is also universally playable on most devices, whereas other formats, like WMV (native to PC) or MOV (native to Mac) may require special players or plug-ins.

In the Tech Commons, we currently use a free tool called MPEG Streamclip for the majority of our video conversion and compression tasks. It is available on each of the workstations in CL240 of the Parnassus Library. You can also download and install the application on your own computer.

If you’re having trouble playing a video file, we recommend VLC Player; it’s free, and plays just about anything!

MPEG Streamclip is available on each of the iMac workstations.

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NOTE: MPEG Streamclip is not compatible with the latest version of the Mac OS, Catalina. As an alternative, we recommend Handbrake. For more information, please visit the Handbrake website, and review this quickstart guide.

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