How Can I Reserve Multimedia Workstations?

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workstation reservation webpageThe Library Tech Commons is located in CL240, on the 2nd floor of the Parnassus Library. In addition to student group study rooms, walkstations and the Student Help Desk, the Tech Commons offers access to multimedia workstations that can be used for analog media conversion, screen and audio recording, general design work, scanning, and video editing. All workstations can be reserved online, prior to your visit.

The CL240 lab includes four iMac workstations and two PCs. The CL245 eLearning Studio is located within CL240, and includes an additional iMac and PC workstation. This is a private space for recording and group editing projects.

Most of our multimedia applications are available on the iMac workstations, including Audacity, Camtasia, Final Cut Pro, MPEG Streamclip, and iMovie.

Reservations for the CL240 workstations are recommended, but not required. Reservations for the CL245 eLearning Studio are required. Details about each workstation are available on the reservation calendar.

If you anticipate needing assistance with any of our multimedia hardware devices or software applications, please contact us prior to your visit to CL240 or CL245 to schedule a consultation.

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