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Otter is a cloud-based, live transcription and captioning service that integrates with Zoom. Its artificial intelligence is highly advanced and provides surprisingly accurate results in real time. Otter can also be used to transcribe live dictation or create standardized captioning files from previously recorded audio and video content.

The purpose of Otter is to improve accessibility for students in the remote classroom, and the benefits of captioning extend beyond accommodations for students with disabilities. ESL (English as a second language) students also benefit from access to captions, and captioning helps others overcome situational or temporarily unavailable audio. Captioning increases content retention for learners.

More information about Otter is available in the following help articles:

Account SetupOtter licenses are available to faculty from campus academic programs. Please review this article for more information about access and setup.

Transcription with Zoom Transcribe live Zoom meetings during remote instruction then share transcripts with students in the CLE after the meeting has ended.

Editing Transcripts Improve the accuracy of your meeting transcriptions by editing text, tagging speaker names and adding new vocabulary on the Otter website.

Sharing Transcripts Share transcripts with your students by uploading transcript files to the CLE, adding closed captions to videos or sharing directly from the Otter website.

Transcribe Video/Audio FilesGenerate transcripts and closed captions for video or audio files that were previously recorded.

Otter for Students Learn more about accessing Otter live transcription as a student during class and discover features available with the Basic (free) Otter account.

Zoom Live Transcription vs Otter (New April 2021!) Compare Zoom's built-in transcription features with Otter and choose the best solution for your audience.

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TERMINOLOGY: Captions are the text version of speech, displayed within a video, and often superimposed over the video as it plays. Closed captions are captions that can be toggled on/off by the viewer. Subtitles are captions that have been translated into another language. Transcripts are the same text as captions, but displayed in a separate document or webpage. Additional info can be found here, and here.

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