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Otter provides accurate transcription of both live Zoom sessions and previously recorded audio and video files. There are three primary methods for sharing transcripts, after a Zoom session has ended, or after your recorded file has processed. This article will provide details about each sharing method. Please note that you may need to Edit Your Transcript to improve accuracy, before exporting and sharing with your audience.

  1. Transcript Files: Export transcript to DOCX (Word) or PDF file, then upload to the CLE alongside related course content.
  2. Closed Captions: Export to SRT file, then attach the caption file to the corresponding video to provide closed captioning option to viewers (videos are uploaded to CLE using Media@UCSF). 
  3. Otter Groups: Email a link to transcripts from the Otter website by creating 'groups' with the email addresses of your audience.

three screenshots showing transcript file in cle, closed captions on video and sharing options on

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