Add a Page Resource to a CLE Course

A page in the CLE is essentially a web-page that allows an editor to display various content and multimedia such as plain text, links, images, audio, video, embedded code, or a combination of all these.

Use a page if:

  • content needs to be updated fairly often
  • you want to present course information to your students in a single, scrollable page.
  • students may need to refer to the content frequently for reference e.g. timetable, schedule, tutorial groups, or reading list
Add a page resource Page settings
  1. Open the CLE (,  and go to the course that you would like to add the activities and resources.
  2. In the CLE course, click the Turn editing on button and then navigate to the course section where you would like the page to be added.
  3. Click Add an activity or resource in the Section/Topic where you want the Page to be.
  4. Choose Page from the list of Resources. The page editor will open.


  5. Give the Page a 'Name' and optionally add a description for this page.


  6. Create your 'Page' contents in the 'Page content' box, this can include text, images, audio, video, H5P, and Kultura media


  7. Use the buttons/menus in the text editor to add a bit of color and improve the appearance of a page. A number of the buttons/menus are available by clicking on the icons.

  8.  Click 'Save and display' to preview the page or click 'Save and return to course' to return the main course. 
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