Media@UCSF: Interactive Video Quizzes

Media@UCSF is an online video hosting platform powered by Kaltura. The platform is integrated with the campus learning management system, the CLE, and provides the academic community with a centralized system for managing and distributing digital video content.

Utilize its features within the CLE by adding questions to any video file to create an interactive quiz. Use this feature to boost the power of educational videos by allowing viewers to participate directly with the video. Video quizzes may be graded, or simply used to engage students and encourage active participation.

Browse the first and second tabs below to learn how to create a video quiz and add it to your CLE course. Prefer to watch a video tutorial? Watch the video in the third tab.

Check out the last tab for some tips to consider when developing quiz answer choices.

Create a Video Quiz Add Video Quiz to a CLE Course Video Tutorial Tips

To get started, you'll need to have an existing video in your My Media repository to transform it into a video quiz.

  1. Click on 'My Media' from within the menu on the left-hand side of the CLE

    Click on My Media

  2. Click Add New (1), then select Media Upload (2)

    Click Add New then select Media Upload

  3. Click 'Choose a file to upload' to select a video from your computer that you want to transform into an interactive video quiz.

    Choose a file to upload

  4. Select your video file, then scroll down and click 'Save' (1). Click 'Go to Media' (2) to view the video in your 'My Media' repository.


    My Media

  5. From your 'My Media Repository' scroll down and click 'Actions' (1) then select 'Launch Editor' (2) from the dropdown menu.

    Actions, Launch Editor

  6. Click on the Quiz icon to add a quiz question to your video.

    Quiz Icon

  7. Slide the bar with the 00:00:00 timestamp (1) to a location in the quiz where you want to add your question, then click 'Add a Question' (2).

    Explore the 'Details,' 'Scores,' and 'Experiences' sections before adding the quiz question to review and/or edit some settings.

    Slide timestamp to add a question

  8. Choose a question type to add.

    Question Type

  9. Write the question text (1), choose the correct response (2), then click 'Save' (3) to return to the quiz editing screen.

    Write question text, choose response, click save

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