How Do I Reserve a Faculty Carrel?

The UCSF Library offers twelve faculty carrels that are available for quiet study

  • To be able to reserve a faculty carrel, you must be ladder-rank faculty, in-residence faculty, Professor of Clinical X, Clinical Professor/Instructor (salaried or not), or Adjunct Professor/Instructor
  • Carrels are available to reserve for up to 7 days with a maximum of 7 reservations allowed per month
  • To ensure access to carrels on your reserved dates, reservations should be reserved at least 1 day in advance
  • For weekend reservations, please submit reservations before 12pm on the Friday before
  • Carrels are locked at all times and require a campus ID for access only on reserved dates
  • Books and other library materials left overnight must be properly checked out
  • Personal belongings and valuables should not be left overnight or for an extended period of time

Reserve a faculty carrel

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