Discounts and Funding for Open Access Publishing

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How to use this webpage

  1. Determine who publishes the journal or book you would like open access (OA) funding support for, or browse by publisher name below.
    • Unsure of the publisher for your journal? Search the journal title in Scopus Sources. Select the title from the result and view the Publisher name in the full record.
  2. Find highlights for each publisher discount or funding agreement in the table below. Select "see full details" to see more about that agreement, and check the covered journals and article types to make sure your journal is included.
    • Terms vary between agreements, and there are not yet agreements with all publishers.
  3. The Library does not have funds for OA or other publication charges outside of the agreements listed below. Our former OA Fund was discontinued in 2022.

Publication discounts for journals

Follow the links in the Discount column below for more information about how to get the discount or library payment. All journal agreements apply to UCSF or UC authors who are in the corresponding author position unless otherwise noted. See FAQ for UC's open access agreements.

Jump to a publisher in the table below:
AAAS - Science Advances | ACM | ACS | Biochemical Society | BMC | BMJ Case Reports | Cambridge University Press | Cold Spring Harbor Lab Press | Company of Biologists | Elsevier | Frontiers limited pilot | IEEE | IWA | JMIR | Karger (discontinued) | MDPI | Microbiology SocietyNAS (PNAS) | Open Library of HumanitiesOxford (Nucleic Acids Research) | PLOS | Royal Society of Chemistry | SAGE | SPIE | Springer Nature | Taylor & Francis (discontinued) | UC Press | Wiley |

Publisher name & covered journal(s) Discount on OA charges & info link

AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science - Science Advances only)

UC-wide agreement (see full details)

  • 10% discount when publishing in Science Advances. Discount does not apply to other AAAS journals 
  • additional 4% discount available for AAAS members

ACM (Association for Computing Machinery)

(all journals, proceedings, and magazines)

UC-wide agreement (see full details)

  • 100% discount (no cost to UC corresponding authors)
  • research and review articles only

ACS (American Chemical Society)

(all journal and article types)

UC-wide agreement (see full details)

  • Single, discounted $3000 article processing charge (unless APC is lower)
  • Full APC covered for unfunded authors 

Biochemical Society, The / Portland Press

(all journals and article types)

UC-wide agreement (see full details)

  • First $1000 automatically covered 
  • Remainder covered for unfunded authors.

BMC (BioMed Central) - see Springer Nature

BMJ (BMJ Case Reports only)

UCSF Institutional Fellowship

Cambridge University Press

(all journals marked as "open access" or "contains open access")

UC-wide agreement (see full details)

  • 30% discount
  • First $1000 automatically covered 
  • Remainder covered for unfunded authors
  • Research articles, review articles, Brief Reports and Case Reports

Cold Spring Harbor Lab Press

(Journals included: Genes & DevelopmentGenome ResearchLearning & Memory, and RNA)

(Molecular Case Studies is no longer publishing as of 2024)

UCSF agreement - new for 2024:

  • Discounted OA fee of $1800.05 for UCSF corresponding authors (51% discount)
  • No separate publication charges
  • Research, review, and case study articles accepted between 1 Jan - 31 Dec 2024
  • See also CSHLP's FAQ for Authors

Company of Biologists

(all journals; see article types covered)

UC-wide agreement (see full details):

  • 2024 renewal in process
  • 10% discount 
  • First $1000 automatically covered 
  • Remainder covered for unfunded authors


  • See journals & article types covered
  • Some society journals are excluded. See Elsevier's title lookup for participating journals. UC's title list shows both participating and excluded journals: check Y/N in column F (use the drop-down arrow in column B to sort the list alphabetically)
  • All Cell Press and The Lancet titles are covered as of September 1, 2022

UC-wide agreement (see full details):

  • 15% discount (10% for Cell Press and The Lancet titles)
  • First $1000 automatically covered
  • Remainder covered for unfunded authors

Frontiers limited pilot agreement


UC-wide pilot agreement (see full details):

  • APC fully covered (no cost to author)
  • 20 selected journals in the humanities, social sciences and sustainability
  • Articles accepted between 1 August 2023 and 30 July 2024

IEEE (Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers)

(all journals and article types - conference proceedings are not covered)

UC-wide agreement (see full details)

As of 1 January 2024, open access and page charge support are no longer provided through the UC agreement (more info). Reading access continues.

Manuscripts accepted 15 July 2022 - 31 December 2023:

  • Article processing charge (APC) is fully covered for authors without grant funds
  • Authors with grant funds are asked to pay the full APC
  • Overlength page charges are covered for all authors

International Water Association (IWA)

(all IWA journals)

UC-wide agreement (details forthcoming)

  • Discount or funding available: APC fully covered (no cost to author)
  • Eligible journals: All IWA journals
  • UC locations covered: All 10 campuses 
  • Effective dates: July 15, 2023–June 30, 2026

JMIR Publications

(all journals and article types)

UC-wide agreement (see full details):

  • Renewed for 2024. Agreement covers manuscripts submitted through December 31, 2024
  • First $1000 automatically covered
  • Remainder covered for authors without grant funds for OA publishing
  • Use email address during submission
Karger - discontinued in 2022 UCSF is no longer participating in the Karger agreement due to budget limitations.
Articles prior to 2022 received 50% discount
MDPI (all journals)

UCSF agreement (see details from publisher)

  • 10% discount for UCSF authors in any author position. Select UCSF during manuscript submission.

Microbiology Society, The

(all journals and article types)

UCSF agreement (see details from the society)

  • 100% discount (no cost to UCSF corresponding authors)
  • Use email
National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)

UC-wide agreement (see full details)

  • Rate increased to $3225 as of May 2024 for open access publishing.
  • No separate page charges
Open Library of Humanities (all journals)

UC-wide Supporter membership

  • 100% discount (no cost to UC authors)
Oxford University Press (Nucleic Acids Research only)

UC-wide agreement (see full details)

  • 50% discount off the article processing charge for Nucleic Acids Research
PLOS (all journals and article types)

UC-wide agreement (see full details)

  • Renewed for 2024
  • Covers manuscripts submitted from 1 April 2020 through 31 December 2024
  • First $1000 automatically covered
  • Remainder covered for unfunded authors

Royal Society of Chemistry
(subscription journals)

UC-wide agreement (see full details)

  • 15% discount when publishing in RSC subscription journals

SAGE Publishing

(all articles in most journals - see a list of excluded journals)

UC-wide agreement (see full details)

  • 15% discount in fully open access journals and 20% discount in hybrid journals
  • First $1000 automatically covered
  • Remainder covered for unfunded authors

SPIE (optics and photonics society)

(Journal of Biomedical Optics and Neurophotonics only)

UC-wide agreement (see full details)

  • 25% discount off open access charges in Journal of Biomedical Optics and Neurophotonics

Springer Nature

UC-wide agreement (see full details)

  • For Springer portfolio (includes BMC/BioMed Central), first $1000 covered and remainder covered for unfunded authors
  • For Nature portfolio, first $1000 covered (effective 1 August 2022)
  • 15% discount for journals in BMC and SpringerOpen journals 

Taylor & Francis - discount discontinued by the publisher


Dove Press journals were not included in the previous discount.

UC-wide agreement (see full details)

  • UC’s previous contract with Taylor & Francis ended on December 31, 2023, and contract negotiations are currently underway as of March 2024. Access to subscribed content remains active until further notice. As of February 2024, the discount below is no longer available to UC authors. 
  • Discontinued: Hybrid OA journals: 75% article processing charge (APC) discount
  • Discontinued: Fully OA journals: whichever is lower of : the journal's APC, or $772.25 (25% of the standard hybrid journal APC)

UC Press: Collabra:Psychology and Elementa

UC-wide membership (see full details)

  • 100% coverage for UC authors without research funds when publishing in Collabra:Psychology and Elementa


(all Wiley journals; Hindawi journals will be included as of June 1, 2024)

(article types covered: research, review, case study, commentary, data article, education, lecture, method and protocol,  perspective, practice & policy, rapid publication, short communication, technical note)

UC-wide agreement (see full details)

Publication discounts for books

Publisher Discount Available Additional Info
Luminos (UC Press) 10% discount off Title Publication Fee (UC rate is $5000) UC rate is for titles with up to 90,000 words and 25 images. See Author FAQ for details.
Open Book Publishers OA publication fee is optional (see details) See Author's Guide

Additional resources

Visit our Open Access Publishing page for more information or to connect with a scholarly communication expert.

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