Virtual Reality Apps

Below is the list of VR apps available in the Makers Lab:

App Description Compatible with


Display and analysis of structures and density maps

Oculus Rift S

Dementia First Hand

This experience takes you on a journey through four different scenarios that will broaden your understanding of living with dementia Oculus Rift S
Google Blocks Shape, form, and build your models Oculus Rift S
Google Earth VR Fly over a city, stand at the top of the highest peaks, walk along new streets, and even soar into space Oculus Rift S
Google Tilt Brush Animated 3D painting Oculus Quest, Rift S
Guided Meditation Meditation made simple and visual Oculus Go
Ocean Rift Explore the world's first VR aquatic safari park Oculus Go
Paint VR Use an assortment of brushes to doodle and let your creativity flow in a virtual space Oculus Go
Random 42 Watch red blood cells float through the human body or follow a signaling pathway into the nucleus Oculus Go
RCSI Medical Training Sim Experience and simulate a traumatic scenario following a road traffic accident and make critical decisions for your patient Oculus Go
The Body VR An exploratory journey inside the human body Oculus Go, Rift S
VR CPR Interactive educational application that strives to simulate the steps required to perform a successful resuscitation on an unconscious patient Oculus Rift S
YouTube VR Experience your favorite YouTube channels, videos and creators in virtual reality Oculus Go, Quest,

We are always testing new apps and games to add to our VR library. Please come and experience them for yourself. Contact the Makers Lab if you have a recommendation for an app.

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