Add FeedbackFruits Activity to a CLE Course

Overview: FeedbackFruits

FeedbackFruits is an all-in-one tool suite that integrates seamlessly with the UCSF CLE. It includes 15 tools designed to boost student engagement and collaboration for synchronous and/or asynchronous learning experiences. Explore the FeedbackFruits tool suite for UCSF to learn more.

The process for adding a FeedbackFruits activity to a CLE course is just like adding any activity to a course and can be done by anyone with an editing role in the course. Anyone with access to the course can view the activity.

Add FeedbackFruits Support

Add FeedbackFruits as you would add any CLE course activities and resources.

  1. Turn on Edit mode.
  2. Select Add an activity or resource.
  3. Choose FeedbackFruits from the list of activities.

    Screenshot highlighting FeedbackFruits from the list of tools as explained on this page.

  4. Choose Select content.

    Screenshot to select content for FeedbackFruits as explained on this page.

  5. Under CREATE NEW, choose your FeedbackFruits tool.

    Screenshot to create new tool/activity as explained on this page.

  6. Or choose COPY FROM EXISTING to search from your library of templates.

    Screenshot to choose from existing template as explained on this page.

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