Medical Education Databases

Database Details
PubMed View the +MeSH link below an abstract to find MeSH terms to refine your search
Web of Science
  • Run a topic or title search or use the Cited Reference Search feature to see who’s cited an interesting article that you probably found in PubMed
  • You can also use the search interface to find other literature that is not in PubMed because it contains citations from not only PubMed but also arts, social sciences, and humanities databases
  • This database does NOT have index terms or descriptors assigned to any citations. Web of Science uses only keywords.
  • Searches education literature; will include some citations that were in PubMed, but offers a whole lot more than just articles: journals, books, reports, dissertations, etc.
  • In your initial search in the Advanced Search mode, use the MeSH terms that you found helpful in PubMed if you think it would help develop a good first search
  • View the descriptors assigned to each abstract to refine your search
PsycINFO Search the same way as you would search ERIC; also includes some citations that are in PubMed
JSTOR Popular humanities and science database used in academia
Academic Search Complete A multidisciplinary database providing full text access to scholarly and general interest journals, magazines, books, and reports
Business Source Complete Searches the business literature

For more databases, see the A-Z Database list and filter by subject or type.

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