Makers Lab Values

Our values

  • Community building
  • Respect
  • Share
  • Tinker
  • Play

The makers' agreement

The Makers Lab is an inclusive space, open to all UCSF community members. To foster a welcoming community we ask that you do the following in both the physical and virtual spaces:

  • Break the ice: Introduce yourself to other makers in the space. You never know who you'll meet and what you'll learn.
  • Care and share: Respect the space and each other. Refrain from eating in the lab and clean up after yourself. Report broken equipment or tools.
  • Fail (at least a little): We’re here to create and experiment. Ask questions if you’re not sure how something works and take your time.
  • Boldly go where no one has gone before: Be innovative. Respect copyright, patent, and trademark law and refrain from making dangerous or illegal items.

Any form of behavior to exclude, intimidate, or cause discomfort is a violation of our values. Makers Lab patrons should also refer to and follow the UCSF Library Conduct Policy. Report any violations of our values or policies to a Makers Lab staff member.​

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