Staying Safe in the Makers Lab

The Makers Lab is an exciting space with innovative technology and tools. There is a risk of injury when using the Makers Lab and we ask that sign our waiver and review the safety information below before entering the Makers Lab. Any injuries or damaged facilities, equipment, tools, or materials must be reported to Makers Lab staff at the time of incident. Makers Lab staff are always in the space and are available to answer questions and help.

Makers must complete safety training before using the following equipment:

Training for the following equipment is not required, but recommended:

Scheduled trainings are posted on the Makers Lab event calendar, or you can contact the Makers Lab to schedule a consultation.

Additionally, makers agree to the following:

  • Respect copyright, patent, and trademark law
  • Refrain from making dangerous or illegal items
  • Food or drinks are not permitted in the Makers Lab

The Makers Lab strives to provide a safe environment for members of the UCSF community and their children. Due to the 3D printing equipment operating at high temperatures, we are unable to ensure a safe environment for those under the age of 18. Minors are welcome to attend special events, which are properly staffed to provide a safe and fun environment.

Contact the Makers Lab if you have any questions before visiting us.

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