Add Poll Everywhere add-in to Office 365 PowerPoint

An easy way to incorporate Poll Everywhere into a presentation is to install the Poll Everywhere add-in to your Office 365 account. Follow this tutorial to get started incorporating polls into your slides!

Before following the steps below, go to to log into your Poll Everywhere account.  
  1. Log into
  2. Open the PowerPoint app and start a new presentation or open an existing presentation
  3. Click on Insert tab (1), then click on the three dots (2) at the end of the ribbon, then click on Add-ins (3)
    Add ins
  4. Click on Admin Managed (1), select Poll Everywhere (2) and click Add (3)
    Add PE add in
  5. A box will open in the presentation –if you did not log into Poll Everywhere at the beginning, follow steps 6 – 8. Otherwise, skip to step 9.
  6. Click Launch log-in window to log into your account.
  7. In the window that popped up, enter your UCSF email address and click Next
  8. Click Log in with UCSF MyAccess
    log in
  9. Return to PowerPoint and click Restart to see your Poll Everywhere dashboard in PowerPoint.


  1. You will need to follow these steps each time you want to add a poll to a PowerPoint presentation. 
  2. If you experience any technical issues when sharing Poll Everywhere polls using the desktop or 365 version of PowerPoint, we recommend running the poll directly from the Poll Everywhere website instead.
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