H5P Accordion

About Accordion

An accordion is a way to reduce the amount of text presented to readers - readers decide which headlines to take a closer look at by expanding the title. The accordion is excellent for providing an overview with optional in-depth explanations.

Use cases

The Accordion content type can be used for presenting text when there is a limited amount of vertical space. The content inside the Accordion is shown in collapsible panels with a title. Each panel expands by clicking on the title.


Create the Accordion H5P interactive content

Creating new H5P content is a multi-step process. H5P activities are managed through a Content Bank – an area where H5P content may be created, edited and stored. Once an activity has been created in the content bank, it can be added to your course and the activity settings can be configured as needed. 

  1. Open the CLE (cle.ucsf.edu) 
  2. Go to the CLE course where you would like to add the activity and turn editing on. 
  3. Navigate to the content bank in your course to create interactive content and visit the H5P accordion tutorial to learn how accordions work.    
  4. Once your activity has been created, navigate to the section where the activity should be located. 
  5. Click add an activity or resource to add an H5P activity to your course. 
You can combine H5P content into other activities or resources in the CLE such as a Page, Lesson, or Book. Review Embed H5P into other activities in the CLE for more information and instructions.
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