Add an H5P Activity in a CLE Course

Please review the following article for instructions on incorporating an H5P activity into your CLE course. Please keep in mind that H5P activities need to be generated before being integrated into the CLE. To create an H5P activity and subsequently include it in your CLE course, kindly refer to the Create and Edit H5P Content article.

Add an H5P in your CLE course H5P settings
  1. In your CLE course page, turn Edit mode on and then navigate to the course section where you want the H5P content to be added. 
  2. Click Add an activity or resource. The activity and resource chooser will open.
  3. In the activity and resource chooser, click H5P located under the activities tab.
  4. The Adding a new H5P activity page will open.

    A gif showing how to add an H5P activity to a CLE page..gif

  5. On the Adding a new H5P activity page, enter the name and description (optional) of the H5P content.               
  6. Under the package file category, click file to open the file picker.

    A screeshot showing the Adding a new H5P settings page from an instructor's perspective.png

  7. On the next pop-up, leave the radio button with the Link to the file selected, then click on Select this file.
  8. In the popup page, change Make a copy of the file to Link to the file
    1. The Link to the file option will synch the H5P object in the content bank with the H5P object in the CLE course module. This means that if you update the H5P content in the content bank, the H5P object in your course will automatically reflect those changes. 


    2. Click Select this file. This will take you back to the new H5P settings page. To configure basic settings for the H5P activity, see Configure Settings in the second tab of the article. 
    3. At the bottom of this page, click Save and display to preview the interactive content, or click Save and return to course to navigate back to the course home page.

Another way to do this is to select the Use the content bank (opens in a new window) that shows the H5P activities from the CLE course.

A screenshot showing the H5P content on a on the H5P content page.png

    1. Choose the H5P activity you want to use.
    2. You can choose to edit, rename, download, etc

      A screenshot showing how to edit the H5P content on a the H5P content page.png
    3. Select Save after editing the content


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