Configure Quiz Activity

After you have completed creating the quiz activity, the next step is to configure quiz scoring settings. 

When a student attempts a quiz activity in CLE, the student's responses are scored automatically by  the CLE based on three parameters that you can configure:

  • The Maximum grade specified for the quiz as a whole (this is set to 10.00 by default). The Maximum grade parameter is the maximum possible grade that a student can achieve if the student scores perfectly on all questions in the quiz.
  • The Total of points is the sum of all question marks in the activity. (This is equal to the number of questions by default.)
  • The Maximum mark each question will be graded out of. (This is set to 1.00 by default.)
Note: The CLE will automatically weigh the questions to make sure that the total grade fits within the Maximum grade parameter. If you use the default settings and if a quiz activity had N questions, CLE will ensure that each question is worth 10/N points.

The CLE assigns a value of (Question points/Total of points) * (Maximum grade/Total of points) for each question. If you changed the maximum grade to 100 as in the picture below, you have 5 questions in a quiz with one question graded out of 2 points, this actual score of the question in the gradebook will be: (2/10)*(100/10) = 50.


Change the quiz scoring 

To change the scoring for a quiz activity:

  1. On the course home page, open the quiz
  2. Click the Questions tab in the Quiz navigation bar.
  3. To change the default grade for a question, on the right side of the question click the Edit maximum marks icon and enter the desired number in the edit box, then press Enter (make sure to press Enter to save changes for each question.)  Change_score_of_a_quiz_item.png
  4. To change the maximum possible grade, enter the new grade in the Maximum grade edit box and click Save.
Note: The Total of marks parameter is not editable, but it will update automatically to reflect the maximum marks for all questions.
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