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AVCHD is a file format (Advanced Video Coding High Definition) used by many high-definition video cameras, including the Canon Vixias that we loan from the Tech Commons. It allows recording devices to capture sharp, professional-quality video, but it creates a package of files that are not easy to manage or playback once the recording is done.

In some cases, you can capture video in the more user-friendly MP4 format, but the quality is not as high, and there may be other limitations. For example, our Canon Vixias limit recording in MP4 format to 29 minutes. So if you’re capturing an event that is 30 minutes or longer, you must use the AVCHD format.

In most cases, you cannot, and should not, attempt to drag-and-drop AVCHD files from a video camera onto a workstation and immediately try to play or share them with others. The videos probably won’t play, and you could miss companion files that are required for editing/playback later. They need to be processed first! Video editing applications like iMovie, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe Premiere have “import” functions that make this easy. Just connect your camera to your computer, start a new project, and then import the AVCHD video.

If however, you don’t need/want to edit the video, and you just want to “download-the-video-and-go!”, we have a solution. It’s a simple application, available on all Macs in CL240, called ClipWrap. In just a few clicks, you can convert complex AVCHD files into stand-alone MOV files, without any generational loss of quality.

ClipWrap is available on each of the iMac workstations in the Library Tech Commons.

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