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The Media@UCSF plugin for the CLE includes an activity called the Media Assignment. Just like the standard assignment activity, it provides a method for collecting digital files from students for grading and automatically appears in the gradebook.

A screenshot showing the differnce between a standard assignmment versus a media assignment on a CLE page.png

However, the Media Assignment is designed to only accept media files as a submission. While it is possible for students to upload video files to the standard assignment activity, or submit links to files loaded into UCSF Box, the Media Assignment is a better choice because it removes many of the issues associated with downloading and playing video files, such as large file sizes and video player incompatibilities.

Furthermore, because the Media@UCSF system includes the Capture desktop application, Express Capture webcam recorder, and KMS Go mobile app, students have quick and easy access to recording tools for the assignment.

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