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The Media@UCSF plug-in for the CLE offers several media uploading and sharing options for course instructors and students. Did you know that Media@UCSF also provides free access to tools for recording video from your computer or mobile device? Currently, there are three options:

  1.  mediaucsf add new menuExpress Capture browser app: a browser-based tool for quickly recording from a built-in or USB-connected webcam and microphone.
  2. Capture desktop app: a desktop recording application for recording any combination of video and audio from your webcam, microphone, and computer screen. They are often used for screen recordings like narrated PowerPoint presentations or website demonstrations.
  3. KMS Go mobile app: the Kaltura Mediaspace Go mobile application for iOS and Android allows you to capture video and audio with your mobile phone and then seamlessly transfer that video to your My Media repository for use in the CLE.

Media@UCSF does not limit the length of your recordings. However, these tools are not recommended for long or complex recordings. Class Capture, Camtasia, or traditional video cameras may be a better solution. Please contact us for guidance.

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