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There are a number methods for sharing videos in the CLE using the Media@UCSF plugin, and the upload process is similar for each. When you upload a new video using any method, it is automatically added to your My Media repository. Once you upload a video, it can be shared in multiple courses.

Upload Media

You can upload a video directly to your My Media repository for sharing at a later time, but in most cases, you will upload a video and share it at the same time (see the other tabs in this article). Either way, the upload process is the same:

  1. add new button options in CLEOpen your My Media repository (found in the profile menu, top-right of any CLE page).
  2. Click the Add New button and select Media Upload.
  3. Click the Choose a File to upload button, browse for and select the file, then click the Open button.
  4. A progress bar will appear, indicating the status of your upload. Provide a name and short description (optional) of your video.
  5. When complete, click the Save button.
  6. Then, to proceed:
    1. Click the Go to Media link to trim the video or adjust its settings.
    2. Click the Go to My Media link to return to your list of uploaded videos.
    3. Click the Choose Another File button to upload additional videos.

It may take several minutes for larger videos to process. During that time, Media@UCSF is creating different versions of your video to accommodate viewers of different screen sizes and Internet connection speeds. Please be patient!

upload video settings page

Select Media

As you browse the other tabs of this help document, you may encounter a situation where you are trying to share a video that has already been uploaded. In those cases, click the Embed button next to your video, instead of using the Add New button to upload it a second time. You can also click the Embed settings button to control how the video is embedded, including player and frame size options.



Please note: Media@UCSF is not a file storage repository. Only videos that are actively shared with others in the CLE should be uploaded to the system. If you wish to backup or store video files, please use UCSF Box.

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