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Media Resource

A common method for sharing videos in a CLE course is to use the Media Resource. Follow the steps to upload a video using Media Resource:

  1. Log in to the CLE and open your course (must have an editing role in the course).
  2. Turn Edit mode on.
  3. Go to the section where you want to place a video and select Add an activity or resource.
  4. From the Activity Chooser, select Media Resource.
  5. Add a Name and a short description (optional).
  6. Under video, select Add Media.
  7. add new button options in CLEFrom the Add New dropdown menu select Media Upload.
  8. Select Choose a file to upload, locate the file you want to upload, and select Open.
  9. If uploaded correctly, a progress bar will appear indicating the status of your upload.
  10. Next, add the name and a short description (optional) of your video.
  11. Select the Save and Embed button (top-right).

    Screenshot of upload video settings.
  12. Adjust other settings on the Media Resource page as needed, then select Save and return to course.

Only course editors (instructors, managers, etc.) can add a Media Resource to a course.

Embed Video

Videos can also be embedded into text boxes using the Embed Media button in the text editor toolbar. This means you can embed a video anywhere you see the icon in a course.

embed button on toolbar

Upload Media

There are several ways to upload and share a video in the CLE. When you upload a video, it is added to your My Kaltura Media repository. Once a video is uploaded, it can be shared in multiple courses.

Follow the steps to upload a video directly to your My Media repository:

  1. Go to the user menu (top right), and select My Kaltura Media from the dropdown.
  2. Select Add New. From the dropdown menu, select Media Upload.
  3. Select Choose a file to upload, locate the file you want to upload, and select Open.
  4. A progress bar will appear, to indicate the status of your upload.
  5. Next, add the name and a short description (optional) of your video and select Save.
  6. To proceed:
    • Select Go to Media to trim the video or adjust its settings.
    • Select Go to My Media to return to your list of uploaded videos.
    • Select Choose Another File to upload additional videos.

It may take several minutes for larger videos to process. During that time, Media@UCSF is creating different versions of your video to accommodate viewers of different screen sizes and Internet connection speeds. Please be patient!

Note: Media@UCSF is not a file storage repository. Please only upload videos that are actively shared with others in the CLE. If you wish to backup or store video files, please use UCSF Box.

Media Gallery

The Media Gallery is like a private YouTube channel for your course. It is present in every CLE course, but it is often overlooked!

Instructors control whether or not students can also post to the gallery and leave comments on videos. When students are given access, the Media Gallery is very useful as a space for students to share and collaborate with their classmates (and remember, images and audio files can be uploaded as well!). The Media Gallery also provides easy-access to analytics, so instructors can quickly gauge student engagement with the videos.

After you've logged into the CLE, follow these steps to access the course Media Gallery.

  1. Select More from the Secondary navigation bar in the CLE.
  2. Select Media Gallery from the dropdown menu.

    Screenshot showing how to access the Media Gallery.

The icon in the top-right of the gallery provides instructors with access to the various settings that control how the Media Gallery is used in a course. The following options are available:

  • Media gallery options menu.Enable comments
  • Enable instructor moderation of comments
  • Create new playlists, or groups of videos within the gallery
  • View and export analytics about how engaged viewers are with Media Gallery videos (i.e. how many views, how long users remain on each video, etc.)
  • The ability to import content from another course's Media Gallery (you must have an editing role in the other course)

Media Gallery content does not "roll-over" into new courses as other course content does. If you want to import Media Gallery content from another course, please contact us. Please also note that extra considerations should also be made if student-uploaded videos are involved.

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